Announcing Coffs Collections

Coffs Collections is a new cultural service hosted by the Coffs Harbour City Council to share digital versions of the collections managed by the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery, the Coffs Harbour Regional Museum and the Coffs Harbour Libraries in a single destination website.

Coffs Collections may also be referred to as a discovery service – a system on the web for searching across a wide range of local and remote content and in most cases, immediately providing access to that content. The content can take many forms, so the service provides different viewers to experience it.

Here’s what you can do in Coffs Collections.

Discover and

reveal the artworks

watch the films       

read the documents         

admire the objects 

view the photographs 

find the maps


explore the collections 

revisit the exhibitions

trace the public art   

follow the resources 

excavate the timelines 

The chart can be viewed in two formats, here and here  

What happens when we haven’t created a digital version of the item?

You will see the casuarina nut, an artwork in its own right. The casuarina trees appear both on the coast and in the hinterland of the Coffs region. When you click on it, the details of the item will still pop up even when there is no image. We are continuing to add to the service all the time.

Coffs Collections is waiting at for you to use – please let us know what you think of it.