Lassified cads

The Apex Agitator, 1 April 1965, p.1; 13.845, Coffs Collections

For a brief bright shining moment, it is possible to measure the cohesion of a community via its publicly expressed sense of humour; the ability to laugh at itself. The Apex Agitator is a case in point.

The Apex Agitator, 1 April 1965, p.20

Seemingly, a lot the businesses operating in April 1965, from the long-standing such as W. H. Bailey and Sons (on page 5) and Lindsay Bros Transport (on page 15) , to the short-lived: Murrays Seed Store on Moonee Street (on page 5) were able to come together in a series of advertisements for this one-off newspaper edition.

The Apex Agitator, Glynns Cordials, p.3.
The Apex Agitator, p.3
The Apex Agitator, p.7
The Apex Agitator, 1 April 1965, p.6







The Lassified CadsĀ  (Classified Ads) are on page 7 – click here to read them all. Then try searching for some of the above-named businesses in Coffs Collections.