Repaying the favour

Recently I wrote about the larger national and state-based libraries and museums which do the heavy lifting in terms of preserving our culture and history for the long term.

The burden may be eased a little when our regional equivalents are able to repay the effort with a unique contribution to the historical record. So it was recently in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s TV series Back in time for the corner shop – the 1970s. 

The 1970s episode discussed the changes in food habits and cooking, and a new trend towards healthy eating defined as vegetarianism. By way of example, the episode quickly showed the front page of the Coffs Harbour’s  Bananacoast Opinion from 12 February 1975:

LEARN VEGETARIAN COOKING (1975, February 12). The Bananacoast Opinion (Coffs Harbour, NSW : 1973 – 1978), p. 1.

Our history started yesterday. We don’t necessarily have to wait very long to reuse it.

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